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News media delivers big audiences across age groups

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Latest analysis of emma research reveals the power of news media to capture audiences across demographic divides, appealing to young, middle-aged and older groups alike.

The split of news media readers by age group is:

  • 18-24-year-olds: 30 per cent
  • 35-54-year-olds: 34 per cent
  • 55+: 36 per cent

The over-55s are represented more significantly in the readers of newspapers (as opposed to digital news media), making up 43 per cent of the total.


emma includes the Household Expenditure Survey (ABS) which allows us to identify which age groups have the highest percentage of readers in the top 20 per cent of spenders on any given expenditure category. Relative to all news media readers, younger readers are more prominent as big spenders on rent, public transport and mobile phone charges. 35-54-year-olds are more focussed on paying off loans while also paying the costs associated with raising their families. And those aged 55+ afford big spending on health and holidays.



In total, news media has over 90 per cent reach to each age group, representing a real opportunity for marketers and brands to get their message in front of prospective customers.

Download the full infographic and research deck below:

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