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News media drives auto advertising success 

The latest analysis of emma (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia) data reveals the power of news media for auto advertising, with news media shown to reach 96 per cent of Australians looking to buy a new car 

News media advertising can potentially reach the 822,000 readers intending to purchase a new car in the next 12 months. Of these prospective buyers,196,000 of them want to buy a “prestige” car.  

News media advertising for auto brands provides scale and effectiveness in a premium advertising environment.  

News media advertising campaigns will also perform well over time, with the 168,000 prospects reached before lunchtime on the first day of a campaign increasing to 508,000 potential customers after just four weeks (national/metro newspapers).  

Placing adverting in the motoring section of newspapers represents efficient targeting. emma data reveals a staggering 2.2 million Australians read the motoring section of their newspaper, and 167,000 of them intend to purchase a new car in the next 12 months.  

Readers of motoring sections are 53 per cent more likely to be a prospective car buyer. This means that marketers that choose news media advertising can maximise the potential impact of their campaign. 


Download the full research report here or infographic summary here.

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