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How brands can reach the decision makers

Brands can use news media to reach social influencers, business decision-makers and shoppers who make the final call on household purchases.

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  • 14m main grocery buyers read news media
  • Readers influence the purchase decisions of others
  • 2.9m business decision-makers engage with news media


Influencing decision-makers is key to successful selling. Persuading the individual who makes the final decision to buy a product or service is paramount to lifting sales.

The news media audience is made up of influential consumers who make key buying decisions at home and at work and also guide the purchase decisions of others.

Marketers can engage these influencers by advertising on print and digital platforms.

Reach a decision-maker

Figures from emma, an audience insights survey conducted by Ipsos Media CT, show that household decision-makers across a range of product categories are avid readers of newspaper journalism.

Supermarkets and FMCG brands can reach the vast majority of their target market through news brands, with 14.1 million main grocery buyers reading news media in the past month.

13.7 million consumers responsible for selecting household financial products read news media in the past month.


Phone and internet providers can reach 13.9 million consumers who make the final call on home telco needs.

Water & power suppliers can communicate with 13.2 million utility bill-payers with news media advertising.


Influence the influencers

Creating relationships with social influencers is of primary importance to today’s marketers. According to Nielsen, 83% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family more than any other form of advertising.*

Brands can reach consumers who influence the buying behaviour of others with news media advertising. For example, some 4 million readers say they are often asked for their opinion on tech products by friends and family.


Drive word-of-mouth

Happy customers can effectively recruit new customers via positive word-of-mouth.

Data from emma indicates the news media audience activiely encourages others to buy based on their own experience.

Some 4.8 million readers have recommended a restaurant or food product to friends and family in the past month.


Straight to business

Business-to-business marketers can use news media to engage company decision-makers.

Finance and legal firms can advertise to 94 per cent of business decision-makers charged with sourcing legal and finance service providers.

Commercial property sellers can connect with 91 per cent of those responsible for their business’s real estate and office fit through news media.




Advertising with news media, in print and online, is proven to help advertisers reach household & business decision-makers and influential consumers.

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