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News media readers are in a class of their own

Advertisers should look towards news media when targeting future travelers as readers are flying in scale, flying more and buying premium seats.

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There are 11.1 million news media readers intending to fly in the next 12 months; that’s a reach to 90 per cent of Australian air passengers. Almost 10 million of those readers plan on flying domestic and 7.8 million are planning an international flight.

The 9.9 million news media readers intending to fly within Australia are +10 per cent more likely to fly in the next year compared to all non-readers aged 14+. In the same light, the 3.4 million Travel section readers planning a domestic flight are +18 per cent more likely.

News media readers intending on flying internationally are +7 per cent more likely to fly in the next 12 months and readers of the travel section are +21 per cent more likely.

Readers seek comfort while travelling

News media readers like to travel comfortably and are more likely to pay top dollar on premium seats. In fact, two million readers are likely to buy Premium economy, Business class or First class seats in the next 12 months.

Readers who intend to fly within the country are +26 per cent more likely to pay for a premium seat than non-readers aged 14+. Those wishing to travel internationally are even more willing to indulge in a paid premium seat on their flight (1.8 million, +44% more likely).

When it comes to travel section readers, both domestic and international flyers are much more likely to buy either premium economy, business class or first class seats, at +72 per cent and +103 per cent respectively.

Inspecting news media readers by state, Western Australia and Queensland readers are the most keen to buy premium seats for their domestic flights, indexing at +78 and +86 per cent more likely than non-readers.

Readers are providing scale for airlines and present efficiencies for agents 

Airline sales channels serve as the primary means for booking flights for both news media readers intending to fly domestic and international.

The number of domestic travellers who booked their flights through airline channels sits at 3.8 million, or 69 per cent. Similarly, 2.8 million or 51 per cent of readers who flew abroad also booked through airline channels.

While airline channels are popular among news media readers, there are also attractive advertising efficiencies for travel agents.

More than a million news media readers booked international flights through a visit to an agent – they’re +34 per cent more likely to do so. A further 614,000 readers booked flights abroad through travel agents’ websites. Digital news media readers are +31% while newspapers are +26% more likely

Travel section readers who are planning an international flight, offer significant efficiencies for travel agents. Compared to those who don’t read newspapers, readers are +81 per cent more likely to visit an agent, +49 per cent more likely to phone an agent and +50 per cent more likely to book through an agent website than those who do not read news media.

Where are readers flying?

Domestic travellers who arranged their flights with the help of travel agents are +10 per cent more likely to fly in Australia in the next year, compared to non-readers.

The United States of America is stated as the ideal destination for news media readers. More than 800,000 readers are planning to travel to the US in the next 12 months, with UK (791,000) and New Zealand (749,000) close behind.

Wrapping up, the top five hot-spots also include Singapore (556,000) and Thailand (499,000).


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