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News media readers are influencers

It’s often said that there’s no better recommendation than those from family and friends.

Readers of news media are actively making recommendations to their friends and family across multiple categories, and their advice is being taken!

Analysis of latest emma data reveals that 11.7 million news media readers recommend products and services. This includes:

  • Eating out at restaurants (7.19 million)
  • Planning a holiday (6.45 million)
  • Alcoholic beverages (5.25 million)
  • Trying new food items (5.05 million)
  • Health and nutrition (4.95 million)
  • Places to go in Australia (4.95)

How can you get your brand’s products and services in front of these highly influential Australians? Go where they go for news and information.

In particular, newspaper sections offer readers powerful content to help inform their opinions.

Download the full research deck here.

Download the infographic here

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