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News media readers are Monday to Sunday 

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17.6 million Australians stay informed with news media throughout the week. 

11.8 million of them read newspapers, investing their time to read them seven days a week. 

At a glance: 

  • 95 per cent of the population aged 14+ consumes news media  
  • 64 per cent read a printed newspaper 
  • 9.9 million turn to Metro and National newspapers (53%) 
  • 8 million consume Metro and/or National newspapers on the weekends  ]
  • 7.3 million consume Metro and/or National newspapers Monday to Friday 
  • 5.5 million read both weekday and weekend papers 
  • Females are more inclined to read weekend papers 
  • Under-55s read papers more on weekdays 
  • Aged 55+ read papers more on weekends 
  • Weekday readers read Business & finance, Sports and Food & wine sections 
  • Weekend readers read Travel, Arts & Entertainment, Real Estate and Sports sections 
  • South Australia has high readership for both weekday and weekend reading 
  • Newspaper readership grows to a peak at midday 




One of the great commercial strengths of news media is its smart scale. With 95 per cent of the adult population reading news media, it’s easy to see why it’s a popular choice for brands wanting to get attention in a premium advertising environment.  


Metro and National newspapers*1 

Nowand for the rest of this article, we focus on a newspaper campaign across all Metro and National titles*1. The research shows that 7.3 million will consume these newspapers during the working week. Their main motivation from Monday to Friday is to find the news of the day: being up-to-date about major economic, political and social events at home and overseas are key motivators.

While they might have seen headlines or spotted a story on social media, they seek out a more trustworthy and quality experience through their favourite mastheads (and/or news media websites). 


Females edge weekend reading 

Whereas 53% of weekday readership is male, females represent 51% of weekday readership


Younger readers in their millions 

The value of news media’s quality journalism is not lost on younger audiences, more of whom read weekday papers than weekend papers:- 

  • 1.1 million 14 to 24 year olds read Metro and/or National newspapers 
  • 1.4 million 25 to 34 year olds also get themselves up-to date reading newspapers 
  • 3.2 million 35 to 54 year olds read these newspapers 

For older readers we find the bigger majority read at these papers at the weekend: 4.1 million readers aged 55 or over. 

According to emma data, Finance and business content rates highly among weekday readers with 34 per cent of them reading that section of the newspaper. Weekend readers have a higher engagement with leisure content : 57 per cent read the Travel section, 54 per cent read Real estate, while 52 per cent read Arts & entertainment*2. 


State of the states 

52 per cent of Victorians read a weekday newspaper. Similarly, 52 per cent of South Australians and 47 per cent of Western Australians do the same. Residents of NSW register at 45 per cent for weekday readershipTasmania and Queensland weekend readership sits at 72 per cent and 39 per cent respectively. 

South Australia has the highest reach for weekend news media readers with 51 per cent reading Metro or National newspapers on Saturdays or Sundays in the last 4 weeks. 


It’s about time 

When we look at the time of day when readers choose to consume these newspapers, early mornings are the preference. Readership builds to a peak from 6am to 12pm before then tailing off as the day progresses. This is true of both weekday and weekend newspaper readership, but weekday readers remaining higher than weekend readership through to mid-afternoon. 

The early morning consumption of newspapers puts them in a unique position to determine what the key news agenda is on any given day – an advantage that extends to advertising content as readers plan the day ahead. 

By taking the day of week into account, along with the content environment, advertisers have a variety of powerful choices to reach readers with a message that strikes a chord.

Sources : 

emmaTM, 12 months to March 2019. Readership based on last four weeks. Survey conducted by Ipsos Connect, people 14+ ALSO Nielsen Consumer & Media View (CMV). Nielsen Digital Panel, 4 weeks to March 2019, people 14+ calibrated to Nielsen Digital Content Ratings data for the equivalent period.  

*1 All readership numbers and profiles relate to National newspapers and/or Metro newspapers (which exclude Canberra Times). However, for the “by Metro” analysis we include Canberra Times to allow reporting of ACT. 

*2 When discerning demographics and behaviours between Weekday readers and Weekend readers, we look at Weekday readers who don’t read at weekends and Weekend readers who don’t read newspapers on Saturday or Sunday. 

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