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News media readers are valuable consumers

Readers earn more, shop more and spend more than other consumers.


• Readers earn an average $16,400 p.a. more than other consumers.
• They are frequent shoppers, in-store and online.
• They spend more across a range of categories than non-readers.


News media offers advertisers incredible reach, with 91 per cent of Australians reading news media in print or online in the past month.

Reaching large numbers of potential buyers is an important component of effective advertising but, for marketers, ensuring they get their message in front of the right consumers is paramount.

News media audiences are of high quality. An analysis of reader income levels and shopping habits shows readers earn more, shop more and spend more than other consumers.

Capturing the attention of these affluent shoppers can pay dividends for advertisers.

Readers earn more

News media advertising provides marketers with a direct line to Australia’s highest earners.

Consumer data shows full-time workers who read print and digital news media earn considerably more per annum than non-readers.

Advertisers from categories such as FMCG, retail and travel compete to reach consumers from high income households. News media readers are twice as likely to have a household income of $120,000 or more per annum than non-readers.

Readers shop more

High-street brands that advertise in news media reach consumers who love to shop. Figures show that readers shop more over a four-week period than non-readers.


Online retailers will also find consumers who frequently shop online. One in two readers made a purchase online in the past week


Readers spend more

Higher income levels translate into stronger spending power for news media readers.

Across a range of categories, readers spend more than other shoppers. For example, when it comes to buying their next car, readers intend to spend 14 per cent more than non-readers and spend 32 per cent more on home entertainment and electronics than non-readers.


Average amount spent on last purchase; cars: average amount intend to spend on next purchase.


Advertisers who incorporate news media advertising in their media plans will reach a large pool of wealthy high spending consumers.

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