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News media readers love mobile phones

News media readers and their mobile phones are a match made in heaven, with 14.5 million news media readers reporting that they have used their phone to access the internet in the last 7 days.

This comes at a time where mobile phones have become the most-used device for accessing the internet.

Analysis also found that:


Huge opportunity for technology brands

6.1 million news media readers are considering changing their mobile phone brand in the next 12 months. 2.5 million of them are considering buying a Samsung smartphone, while 1.4 million are looking at Apple and 1.4 million are interested in a Google phone.

What do news media readers want out of their new smartphone? The biggest reasons for changing brand are value, ease of use and reliability. The most important features they’re looking for are a good price, long battery life and brand.


Download the full research deck and infographic below:

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