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Newspapers engage sports lovers like no other medium 

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When it comes to gaining the attention and trust of sports lovers, there’s no medium quite like newspapers.  

11.5 million news media readers are fans of Australia’s most popular sports, including rugby, cricket, tennis and soccer.  

Sports section advertising delivers efficiency of scale and reach. No other medium is as skewed towards sports fans.  

News media engages fans of: 

  • Australian rules (5.6 million) 
  • Tennis (5.1 million) 
  • Cricket (5 million) 
  • Rugby league (4.4 million)  
  • Soccer (3.7 million)  
  • Rugby union (2.4 million)  
  • Golf (2.2 million)  
  • Horse racing (2.1 million)

In fact, news media reaches 91% of Australian fans of these sports. There is also a link between being a heavy reader of news media and interest in sports: newspaper-heavy readers (those who consume more than seven issues per week) are more engaged in sports than heavy consumers of other media.  

Sports lovers that are also news media consumers are also likely to be interested in more than one of the top eight sports (listed above). Heavy readers of newspapers are, on average, interested in 2.5 top eight sports.  

Truly, news media is the place to reach sports lovers.  

Unsurprisingly, the sport section is where you’ll find these readers, with sports lovers flocking to this section, offering efficient targeting for advertisers.

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