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Newspapers reach 2.7m Metro readers before lunchtime

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A message from Peter Miller

“Charles Dickens powerful novel, The Tale of Two Cities, opens memorably with ‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times’

Many people right now probably think it is simply the worst of times. Yet as we saw with our firefighters during the recent bushfire season, we saw the best of us helping the rest of us.

All of us at NewsMediaWorks salute everyone working for our newspapers and online news brands, towards keeping Australians informed with the most reliable and current news, information and insights.

Our newspapers and online news brands are experiencing heavy demand as Australians turn to the media brands they trust. Unsurprisingly, two thirds of our readers have read their favourite news brands by lunchtime.

We will be with you all the way to the other side of this new challenge with insights into consumer behaviour which we hope you can use to advantage.”

News brands’ cross platform readership builds to 9.3 million a week

2.7 million newspaper readers by before lunchtime

At such an unusual and concerning time, news brands continue to provide an effective way for businesses to communicate important messages to Australians.

National and Metro newspapers engage 2.7m Metro readers by 12pm. On any day, two out of every three newspaper readers consume this premium published content by lunchtime. More than any other media, newspapers are skewed towards consumption early in the day – they get delivered, bought and read in the morning. *1

5.1 million newspaper readers every week

By 6pm, the newspapers have delivered 3.7m metro readers with a build to 4.2m in the first day of an ad campaign and 5.1m by the end of the first week.*2

9.3 million news brand readers every week (Cross platform)

If the campaign is extended to include advertising on the websites/apps of those same National and Metro news brands, then the message reaches an estimated 9.3m readers in major metro areas every week. That then gives a cross platform reach to 71% of the 13.1m Australians aged 14+ who live in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Adelaide.*3

At a historical time of uncertainty, risk and change news brands are at the forefront in providing important and trustworthy information for Australians – that’s a role that they’ll continue to play for communities across Australia.

Source : emmaTM, 12 months to Dec 2019. Readership based on last four weeks. Survey conducted by Ipsos Connect, people 14+ ALSO Nielsen Consumer & Media View (CMV). Nielsen Digital Panel, 4 weeks to Dec 2019, people 14+ calibrated to Nielsen Digital Content Ratings data for the equivalent period.
*1 Newspapers reach 2.7m Metro dwellers before lunchtime = 2.7m read a newspaper yesterday between 6am and 12pm where Metro dwellers are those who live in the 5 major OzTam metros of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Note that at 13.1m, the emma population is smaller than that shown in OzTam because the emma sample excludes those who do not have English as their 1st language. Newspapers relate to only National newspapers and the major metro papers applicable to each metro ie The Australian, Australian Financial Review, Saturday paper, Daily Telegraph, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Herald Sun, The Advertiser, The West Australian, Sunday Times, Courier-Mail & their weekend editions.
*2 See *1 also. 3.7m unique readers before dinner time and 4.2m read a newspaper at any point yesterday. Note that Day parts add up to more than 100% as readers can read within more than one time band.
*3 Shows the build in newspaper readership from 6am on the 1st day to 5.1m reading one of the aforementioned Nat/Metro newspapers in the 1st week. The graph then illustrates 9.3m cross platform readership in the 1st week. This figure is modeled – Newspapers is known while Digital is estimated using Newspapers’ profile – Newspapers’ known weekly readership as a percentage of newspapers’ known monthly readership = 76%. Having therefore estimated Digital readership for the week we add that to Newspapers’ known readership for the week which then includes duplicates reading both. To de-dupe, Cross platform is 70% of the latter figure – this is based on the fact that known 4 weekly cross platform readership is 70% of the aggregate of Newspapers’ readership + Digital news brands readership over a 4 week period.


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