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Print a recipe for success in reaching foodies

Food is a national obsession. ADRIAN FERNANDES discovers how we buy our groceries, have a passion for premium ingredients and are influenced by food and wine journalism in print and on digital platforms.

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  • 4 million readers entertain in the home every month
  • 9 million grocery buyers read newspapers
  • 74% of readers use premium food products when cooking
  • Readers are 17% more likely to buy wine to drink at home than non-readers
  • 3 million are influenced by food and wine journalism in newspapers every month


The centuries-old tradition of sharing food as part of friendship remains as strong as ever. That act of “breaking bread” is a deeply entrenched part of the lives of Australians.

This has created a modern-day market in which competition is intense among food and beverage companies. Finding the most profitable market sector in the fastest and most efficient way is a critical factor that can determine success or failure.

Newspapers reach a huge slice of this desirable market. For premium suppliers and retailers, some 3 million readers will see and engage with coverage in a food and wine section each month.

The influence of newspapers stretches wider still with 5.9 million readers saying they are the main grocery buyer in their household.

What’s cooking?

Cooking is a labour of love for these readers. Two in five readers say food as “one of life’s passions”. A similar number (42%) use food to show others how much they care for them.

Some 57 per cent say food is “all about sharing” – a figure supported by the finding that 8.4 million Australians say they entertain at home every month. Of that figure, 2.3 million readers of newspapers say they held a dinner party in the last month.

Food brands dependent on engaging these high-value consumers find a large and engaged audience through newspapers and their websites. Three in four readers say they prefer to use premium products when cooking.

Add More Flavour

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Enjoy a tipple

emma data shows that audiences of newspapers and their digital properties are also discerning beverage buyers. They are 17 percent more likely to buy wine for home consumption than non-newspaper readers, and they over-index on spending money at bottle shops.

Many retailers recognise the power of this audience and the potential for profitable sales. Winemaker Penfolds and bottle shop Dan Murphy’s regularly use print ads to sell their wines.

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Some 1 million newspaper media readers are in the top 20 per cent of spenders on beer.

  • Here’s a case-study of how the beer brand Carlton Mid used local newspapers to grow their market share in Queensland.

More on the Menu

Big brands in this market sector find newspaper media a compelling platform to reach consumers via their food and wine sections, both in print and online.

Each month, more than 3 million Australians pick up a food and wine section of a print newspaper.

Nielsen Online Ratings data reports that in any given month, some 2.5 million foodies visit a publisher-owned food site, such as Fairfax Media’s www.goodfood.com.au and, from News Corp Australia stable, www.taste.com.au .

Whether it be online or in print, brands looking to reach foodies will find an engaged audience through newspaper media.


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