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Picture perfect results

Apple and LG let photography speak a thousand words in their latest, successful print campaigns, writes ADRIAN FERNANDES

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  • Survey says Apple’s visual approach cut through retail noise
  • Respondents say promoting the quality of the iPhone camera gave them a “good feeling” about Apple
  • LG raises brand awareness with its G4 image
  • Product shot inspires reappraisal of LG’s range


When the iPhone 6 hit stores, Apple addicts queued for days to get their hands on the handset. Data from Kantar Worldpanel, which monitors global and local market share for handsets, says the iPhone 6 lifted local domination seven points to 42 per cent.

Competitors fought back, keen to recover lost ground. LG launched its G4 model to not only challenge the iPhone but also HTC and Samsung’s Galaxy range at the top-end of the Android (operating system) market. Since then, Apple has put its hugely successful 6s into market.

Apple and LG placed full page newspaper ads as part of all this launch activity.

The iPhone Execution

This ad (below) for the iPhone 6 appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald on July 18. It features a visual of the sea and sky taken on with the phone’s camera. The only other information is a subtle logo and a credit to the photographer.



The LG Execution


This ad (above) appeared in the Sunday Herald Sun four days later. It uses sleek photography to showcase the G4’s leather casing accompanied by prominent branding, a headline encased in red and a clear call-to-action in the copy, plus retail logos indicating where the model can be bought.

These ads have been tested with consumers through ADvance, The Newspaper Work’s print ad effectiveness service. Results show both raised brand sentiment and stirred shoppers into action.

Creative Diagnostics


Some 56 per cent of respondents said the iPhone ad had a great image. One said: “It’s calming and beautiful. It makes you think that the iPhone is more than just a phone.”

One in three respondents said the ad highlighted an important feature of the product. “It’s great that a phone can take such a beautiful picture,” said a respondent.

“What a wonderful image,” said another. “I want a phone that can do that!”

On LG, 45 per cent of respondents said the execution was eye-catching – 16 per cent more than the average newspaper ad (24%).

“It’s contemporary,” said one. Two in five said the LG ad looked good. “It’s elegant and classy and makes me want to find out more,” commented a respondent.

Another quote: “The black and white background makes the leather case stand out. The phone looks great.”

Strategic RoleMap

Six strategic advertising roles of newspapers have been validated both qualitatively and quantitatively by The Newspaper Works, resulting in the creation of RoleMap. For more information on this map, click here.


The LG ad produced a reappraisal score of 22 per cent, encouraging one in five to think differently about the brand. “I know LG but didn’t know they made phones,” said one. And another: “I’m surprised that LG is in the mobile phone market!”

The iPhone ad lifted respondent affinity with the brand. Some 23 per cent said it gave them a good feeling about Apple. “It’s a refreshing change from other ads, I really like the imagery and simplicity of the message,” said a respondent.


Newspapers are recognised as an effective medium for delivering a Call to Action. ActionMap, another proprietary newspaper metric, expands on this strategic role to provide an understanding of the types of action a newspaper ad inspires. For more information on ActionMap, click here.


Both ads were successful in driving consumer action.

The iPhone execution significantly encouraged memorability (19%). The imagery was so popular one in 10 said they would keep the ad (11%).

LG increased word-of-mouth about the brand (12%) while encouraging one in five to say they would visit a phone store to check out the handset. “It raised my awareness that LG made smart phones. When I am in the market to buy I’d look at it as an option,” said one survey participant.

Brand Perceptions


Both ads significantly outscore the average newspaper ad in lifting key brand metrics.

One in two (48%) said the iPhone ad improved their understanding of the brand, and 45 per cent said the execution was brand appropriate.

One in two said the LG ad differentiated the brand from competitors.



Apple’s use of striking imagery caught readers’ attention, standing out from competitors. Respondents found the campaign memorable with many remarking it was a refreshing change from other ads in the category.


LG’s approach increased awareness of the brand for some and encouraged reappraisal by others. It also had respondents talking, lifting word-of-mouth scores.


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