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Prospective car buyers hiding in community pages


The automotive industry (brand and retail) spends a total of $706 million per year on advertising, directing $301 million to newspapers.


Community newspaper readers are 25 per cent more likely to be new car prospects, compared to the population aged 14+. Western Australian readers are 68 per cent more likely to be prospective buyers, followed by New South Wales readers (47 per cent more likely) and Victorian readers (41 per cent more likely).

Community newspaper readers consider several key factors when making a purchase when they become prospective car buyers. Seventy-nine per cent of readers say they are very conscious of price, while safety features are important for 76 per cent of readers.

Seventy-six per cent of readers agree they prefer well-known brands.

Reaching these highly engaged community newspaper readers is easy, with 3 of 4 new car prospects saying that they turn to the paper as their main source of local information.

What cars are readers after?

Relative to the population, hatchbacks are the most appealing car type to community readers with prospective car buyers 53 per cent more likely to intend to buy. SUV and 4WD are the second most appealing type at 33 per cent more likely to intend to buy, followed by sedans at 8 per cent more likely to intend to buy.

Community newspaper readers are three times as likely to agree that Mitsubishi “make cars for people like me”. BMW and Porsche also rated highly with readers.


This salience is reflected in the top models prospective community newspaper readers would consider purchasing. The Mitsubishi Mirage topped the list, indexing 172 per cent more likely (relative to the population), followed by the Mitsubishi Magna (154 per cent more likely) and Mitsubishi Lancer (92 per cent more likely). The Honda Jazz and Mazda 2 also among the models that rated highly among community newspaper readers.


Community newspaper readers are 78 per cent more likely to spend less than $50,000. 36 per cent of prospective car buyers look to spend less than $30,000 on a car, while 42 per cent want to spend between $30,000 and $50,000.

Community newspaper readers are the least likely to spend more than $50,000 on a car.


Those aged over 55 account for 47 per cent of community newspaper readers who are prospective car buyers. Those aged 35-54 account for 40 per cent. Males are also a key group, being 64 per cent who are reading community newspapers a prospective buyer.



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