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Dog campaign a life saver

“Adoption Drive” was a campaign from Starcom and PEDIGREE that aimed to reduce the number of dogs being euthanised in Australia. It used local newspaper advertising to help save the lives of more than 3,000 dogs.

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Research suggests shelter dogs are seen as damaged goods . . . but media agency Starcom and pet food manufacturer Pedigree knew that wasn’t the case – and decided to change perceptions. They believed that telling the life stories of these lovable hounds would win hearts. So, Pedigree produced a campaign that would use these stories to help save shelter dogs.

The location was Far North Queensland, and the Pedigree/Starcom partnership deployed the power of the Cairns Post, owned by News Corp Australia, and Fairfax Media’s successful national rural title, The Land, to prosecute their message. First of all, Starcom implemented a strategy in which a TV campaign created awareness and emotion, and then strengthened the campaign with newspaper advertising.



Starcom introduced newspaper ads midway through the campaign. Print content contained more detailed information on the drive and featured prominent call-to-action queues around adoption.


The number of dogs in shelter homes in Far North Queensland hit its lowest-ever level with some shelters running out of adoptees and starting a waiting list of potential owners. Plus:

  • 3,365 dogs were rescued; and
  • $170,000 was raised for the cause.

According to TNS tracking, awareness of the Pedigree Adoption Drive reached 32 percent of the local population, and 54 percent said they had a more favourable opinion of the Pedigree brand.


Source: Cannon, Kayla, PetRescue: The PEDIGREE adoption drive (June 2012). WARC

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