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Why regional newspapers get shoppers moving


  • Newspaper media #1 for influencing purchase intention.
  • One in two say regional newspaper ad prompted online search.
  • Messages in newspaper ads proven to cut-through.

Knowing where and when to buy media is a core part of planning effective ad campaigns. For ROI-minded marketers, regional newspapers can be a valued acquisition channel, proven to convert prospects into buyers.

Regional newspapers ads are better at influencing consumer purchase decisions than other media. Two in five regional shoppers say a news media ad, in print or online, encouraged them to buy. Almost twice as many respondents said their buying behaviour was influenced by regional newspaper ads (37%) versus TV (20%), and more than twice as many versus radio (13%) and social media (11%).


Newspaper ads boost online activity

Online marketing and print newspaper advertising aren’t competing forces. They complement each other. Newspapers drive online traffic, guiding regional consumers further down the purchasing funnel.

One in two say a regional newspaper ad has prompted them to go online for more information, almost double that of TV and radio.

Social media underperforms at driving search compared with newspapers. Respondents were 1.8 times more likely to look up further information after seeing a newspaper ad than a social media ad.


Cut through the noise

Every day, shoppers are bombarded with marketing messages, making it difficult for them retain key product information. Regional newspaper ads are proven to cut through the noise.

Consumers are more than three times more likely to make a note of information in a newspaper ad than they are a TV or radio ad.


Local Area Marketing

Regional newspapers are the perfect media for national businesses to establish a local identity. When national businesses become part of the community, shoppers are more likely to use them.

  • 7 in 10 support national businesses that are part of the community
  • 78% like having national businesses and stores available in their neighbourhood.

Localised marketing supports national campaigns with ads tailored to engage with consumers who commute, live, work or shop within the trading area of a business.

By tapping into the close relationship readers have with regional newspaper media, businesses can connect with local shoppers, increasing awareness, promoting special offers and driving sales.

Building relationships with local shoppers via regional newspapers can help brands to be perceived as locally relevant, ensuring a sense of credibility and trust.

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