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Six strategic roles of newspaper advertising

Six distinct strategic roles that print ads can play have been validated by Ipsos Media CT and The Newspaper Works through a combination of qualitative and quantitative testing.

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Affinity advertising brings shoppers closer to a brand.  It establishes an emotional connection between the advertiser and consumer. News media provide the ideal platform for advertisers who want to communicate ideas in more personal ways. Each publication has its own distinct identity, offering a range of sections that reflect the passions and interests of readers.

Two out of five readers say this ad for Virgin’s frequent flyer programme, Velocity, gave them a good feeling about the brand. ** An online campaign on publisher sites built on the print campaign, providing a compelling offer to credit card holders to sign up to Velocity.



(Re)Appraisal advertising surprises and challenges consumers by presenting the brand in an unexpected way, provoking a rethink. (Re)Appraisal advertising can be an announcement ad, brand launch, or advertising that takes a new angle on an existing brand. Newspapers are the news medium, it follows that they are the right place for news creation around a brand.

Some 22% of readers said this ad for LG made them think differently about the brand. **



Information advertising is designed to provide new and additional content, be it breadth, depth, or complexity regarding a brand, product or service. News media provide space and time to present a brand’s case and to explain a broad range of messages. Ads can range from long copy brand extension to multi-layered messages.

Some 40% of readers say this ad for Bunnings gave them fresh information about the brand. **


Call to Action

Call to Action advertising, whether for sales or deals, promises an unequivocal benefit the consumer can act on. It’s not just about price, it can also prompt readers to change their current behaviour, or direct them to another platform, such as online.

One in two readers say this ad for Woolworths gave them a reason to buy. **



Extension advertising reminds the shopper about a brand by repeating or developing established messages from a television ad. Extension advertising increases the life of a TV campaign. Using the same brand icons, repetition of familiar imagery, or creative style across TV and print campaigns can reinforce recall.

This print ad featuring actress Nicole Kidman for Etihad Airways reminded one fifth of readers about a TV campaign for the brand. ** The campaign, entitled “Flying Reimagined”, was supported on publisher websites with specific messaging around Etihad’s improved service.


Public Agenda          

Public Agenda ads raise an important issue or cause. They can raise the profile of a brand, issue or cause, or leverage a topic that’s already being publicly debated. It can be anything from brand ethics and corporate strategy to environment and charity causes.  Newspapers set the agenda for the day.  As content creators, newspapers can often make the news as well as break the news.

One in four (24%) respondents said the Hitachi ad raised important issues. ** The brand built on the “Inspire the Next” print campaign with a digital campaign highlighting how Hitachi can help businesses cut costs and improve efficiency.

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**Source: ADvance creative benchmarking. Research conducted online by Ipsos Media CT. Full details of methodology and a library of ADvance reports available at www.newsmediaworks.com.au

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