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Social & smart

Publishers are embracing social media to create a two-way conversation with their audience.

Newsrooms, breaking stories in real-time, want reader involvement.

News Corp has signed up real-time social curation company, Livefyre, to integrate social media tools across the publisher’s sites to engage readers through hashtags, photo sharing and live comments. Fairfax Media, APN and WAN also have a strong social media footprint across their digital platforms.

The smartphone audience are avid social media users, open to interacting with their favourite brands online.

Readers are 62 per cent more likely to use social media to interact with a brand than non-readers.

The smartphone audience are 59 per cent more likely to like, comment or share social media content each week than non-readers.

They are 80 per cent more likely to upload content, such as photos or videos, than other social media users.

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This article was originally published in The Works: 2016 Q1 Report

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