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Check out how newspaper media delivers

Newspaper media is the right solution for supermarket retailers, reaching 19 out of 20 grocery buyers over a four-week period, with print reaching 5.8 million readers – or four out of five grocery buyers.

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  • 2 out of 5 newspaper media readers are grocery buyers
  • Over four weeks
    • Newspaper media reaches 19 out of 20 grocery buyers (6.5 million)
    • Print newspapers reach 4 out of 5 grocery buyers (5.8m)
    • Digital newsmedia reaches 2 out of 3 grocery buyers (4.4m)
  • Newspaper readers
    • Shop more often than non-readers (5.2 trips/month vs 4.9)
    • Spend more per household member ($304 vs $292)
  • Newspapers and TV are the two most important media when buying groceries and beverages


The Australian supermarket and grocery store sector is massive, turning over $8.3bn last month alone1, and highly competitive, in large part due to the growth of ALDI putting increased pressure on other supermarkets to discount prices.2

Supermarket retailers understand that discounting only attracts customers if shoppers know about the offers, which is why newspapers are a key part of the mix. Newspaper media reaches large numbers of grocery buyers quickly and efficiently.

Over a four week period 6.5 million of Australia’s 6.9 million grocery buyers – 19 out of every 20 – will read newspaper media. And two out of every five readers (39%) are grocery buyers.

Printed newspapers provide the bulk of these readers, although digital newspaper readership continues to grow. Each week 3 million grocery buyers read a printed newspaper, and 1.9 million of these read seven or more copies. Over four weeks print readership increases to 5.8 million, readership on digital devices to 4.4 million,

Newspapers deliver large numbers of casual supermarket shoppers as well. Some 16.4 million newspaper media readers shop at a supermarket at least once each month, and 12.9 million shop at least once a week.

Plus newspaper readers shop more often, and spend more on each member of the household.

On average non-readers make 4.9 trips to the supermarket each month. Regular newspaper readers, who read at least one copy/week, make 5.2 trips, with heavy-reading grocery buyers making 5.5 trips.

Readers also spend more per household member, and the more they read the more they spend. While non-readers spend an average of $292 per household member, light readers (1-2 copies/week) average $295, medium readers (3-6 copies) average $301, and heavy readers (7+ copies) average $314.

In addition to the high reach and quality of audience, newspaper media works because it’s the right environment. Grocery buyer readers say newspapers are one of the most important sources of information they turn to when planning food and beverage purchases.      

Media most useful when buying groceries and beverages (grocery buyers)

Catalogues & unaddressed mail33%
Online search11%
Online ads7%
Social media 5%
Radio 4%



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