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Tell him he’s streaming

More than 5 million readers of news media plan to subscribe or use a video streaming service this year, writes TANYA SHINN.


  • 51% of readers access video content via a streaming service.
  • Readers are more willing to pay for streaming services than the average consumer.
  • 94% of household telco decision-makers consume news media.
  • 5.1 million readers plan to subscribe to a streaming service in the coming months.


Video-on-demand is now watched by 9.3 million people across the country and news media offers the players in this emerging market direct access to new customers and those who like to move from one service to another.

Go Digital

One-in-two news media readers currently access video content on demand with more than 5.2 million readers saying they streamed a TV program or movie in the past four weeks.

Those who read their news on a screen index 9 per cent above the norm, with 54 per cent accessing a subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) service. This make the news publisher channel a powerful ally for retention campaigns.

Happy to Pay

The vast majority of video-on-demand viewers are happy to pay for content. Some 7.9 million adults subscribe to a paid service such as Netflix or Presto.

According to emma data, Netflix is the number one SVOD service with news media audiences. Some 3.2 million readers regularly stream their favourite movies and TV shows via Netflix.

Data from emma indicates some platforms may be more efficient than others in aiding SVOD advertisers to reach key prospects.

For example, Foxtel Play rates highly with community newspaper readers. These local newspaper readers index 19 per cent above the population norm in terms of uptake of Foxtel Play.

Readers of national print newspapers are 25 per cent more likely to access free-to-air (FTA) catch-up TV services such as Plus7 and SBS On Demand.

Print Prospects

Some 5.1 million news media readers plan to sign up to a SVOD service in the near future. Interestingly, it is readers of print newspaper who dominate this market, with 30 per cent saying planning to take-up a service in the coming months.

Newspapers offer the opportunity for advertisers to engage subscription prospects early in the consideration phase and are particularly effective at connecting advertisers directly with the person in charge of SVOD service decisions.

Some 5.2 million print newspaper readers claim sole responsibility for household TV & telco purchases.

Source: emma™ conducted by Ipsos MediaCT, People 14+ for the 12 months ending April 2016; Nielsen DRM April 2016, People 14+ only.

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