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That’s entertainment!

News media attracts high-quality audiences who splash out on an array of technologies, from TVs to fitness gadgets.


  • 9:10 home entertainment buyers read news media
  • 2:5 readers (6.3m) plan to buy home tech
  • Almost 1 million will buy a fitness gadget in the next 12 months
  • Readers spend 38 per cent more on home tech than non-readers
    • Readers: $368 vs. Non-Readers: $283

Consumers have never had greater choices of products and services, from online streaming services to DVDs, computer games to satellite TV.

The nation’s 12.9 million news media readers love tech. For their last purchase, they spent $376, compared with $283 for non-readers.

Newspaper readers spent even more, confirming their credentials as a quality commercial audience by splashing out $405 on their last purchase.

Future intentions

Over the next 12 months, 3.2 million readers are estimated to be planning to make a purchase of one of these items over the coming months:

  • TV (1.6m)
  • Digital camera (1.3m)
  • Sound system, new or update (1.3m)
  • Wireless speakers (1m)
  • Set-top box/Apple TV/Foxtel (1m)
  • DVD or Blu-ray (864k)

It’s a discy business

DVD sales remain big business. Four out of five (13.3m) news media readers already own a DVD player, and over the past 12 months 3.3 million readers bought DVDs from major retailers such as Myer, Target, Big W, David Jones, Kmart and Harris Scarfe. Some 2 million buyers made their purchase online – a growing trend.

Big TVs are not bought for a cinematic experience only. Many buyers plug in games consoles. Some 7.3m news media readers own an Xbox, PlayStation or Wii, and of these more than 1 million intend to upgrade in the next year. The emma survey states half of these gamers (3.8m) purchased related games or software.

Some 620,000 readers are expected to buy a portable gaming device and twice that number will purchase a portable music player or digital radio.

No potato couches

News media readers appear to balance their leisure time with physical activity. emma finds that 928,000 plan to buy a fitness monitor (e.g. Fitbit or Garmin), while another 1.3m are considering a GoPro to keep track of their activities.

Consumers of digital content are the most likely to buy these devices – they are 16 per cent more likely to buy a fitness monitor than a non-reader, and 6 per cent more likely to buy a GoPro.

Source: emma, 12 months to Feb-16


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