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How funds can lift client base

Retirement planning is complex and those planning their future turn to newspaper advertising as a compass for seeking advice, writes ADRIAN FERNANDES. Superannuation brands can leverage this influence to grow their customer base.

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  • Heavy newspaper readers  invest more in super
    • Average $41,000 more in super than non-readers
    • 94% of those considering retirement are heavy newspaper readers
  • Self-managed funds are increasing
    • 1.6 million newspaper media readers manage their own funds
    • 170,000 are considering self-managed funds
  • Newspapers are a valued source of information about finance
    •  500,000 retirees say newspapers are their most trusted media for financial information
    • 46% of retirees read newspaper business sections each month


Retirement planning has never been more important. Australians are living longer and experts say pensions can no longer fund a comfortable retirement.

After tonight’s Federal budget is passed, 91,000 pensioners will lose access to the part-pension, and another 236,000 people will have their pensions decreased.₁

Two-thirds of working-age Australians are concerned about retirement, according to a recent report commissioned by HSBC. “The Future of Retirement Report” found 69 percent believed they might run out of money in retirement, and 44 percent admit they are not preparing adequately.₂

As a result, Finance brands are vying to help workers achieve fiscal security and superannuation funds are growing strongly. Austrade reports this nation in one of the global top-four markets for pension (superannuation) assets.₃

This high demand provides opportunities for superannuation providers to take market share with compelling advertising.

The audience metric, emma, indicates newspaper media offers super funds a direct line to a large pool of workers who are actively considering their alternatives in this market.

Heavy print readers more likely to be “super healthy”

Its data shows heavy newspaper readers are better at planning for their financial future. Retirees who read 7+ copies have an average of $41,000 more in their super accounts than retirees who don’t read newspapers.  Those considering retirement are active readers, with 94 percent reading newspaper media each month.

Print newspapers in particular are a great way to reach them as emma shows that those planning for retirement are 88 percent more likely to be heavy newspaper readers than non-readers.

Self-managed future

Self-managed super funds are growing in popularity as more Australians want control over their nest egg. Super providers have reacted by providing a growing number of products and services to meet this demand. emma data shows 1.6 million newspaper media readers currently manage their own super fund and a further 170,000 are actively thinking about a similar strategy.

It’s not just self-managed super that the newspaper audience are considering. Some 8.7 million readers plan to open a new super account or switch super providers in the coming months.

The value of trust

Financial brands looking to attract customers can take advantage of the high level of trust that readers have in newspaper media to deliver financial information.

emma tells us that 500,000 retirees say newspapers are their most trusted media for financial information. This level of trust explains why so many retired Australians read newspaper business sections (46% in the last four weeks).

Print perfect for information

Super fund providers deal with complex financial products that are difficult to promote via TV or online advertising.

Newspapers are the information media, providing sufficient space and time to presenting complex product data, and to promote the key selling points of financial products.

News, business and financial sections provide the ideal editorial environment in which readers are in the right frame of mind to consider choices for how to manage their retirement funds.

To find out more about information-based advertising and discover examples great executions in newspapers, click here.


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