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The Works Q2 out now

The latest issue of The Works, our quarterly news media audience report, is out now. It features insights into highly-engaged news media readers and gives access to 8 infographics to share with your team.

Take a look at the report contents below or download the full report.

Cover story

  • High Five: We identify five target markets where readers are more likely to be heavy newspaper readers. Advertisers targeting these categories get up to +20 per cent extra value from these highly engaged readers.

News media

  • Engaged and informed: An overview of news media readership by channel and section. We also look at media use by time of day and opportunities for advertisers to target big spenders in their category.

Banking & Finance

  • Banking on news media: 2.5m news media readers are in the market for 6.1m financial products. We also take a look at readers’ attitudes towards Australia’s banks, their charges and their customer service.


  • News media scores the winner: With 6.1m supporters, the AFL trumps the NRL that has 4.7m supporters. We take a look at the supporter base by team before exploring the best advertising opportunities each of the two fan bases offer.

Real Estate

  • Hot property: 2m news media readers are intending to buy a property with 1.2m readers intending to obtain an owner/occupier or investor mortgage.


  • Fit for purpose: Regional newspaper readers are taking steps to stay healthy. They’re also big spenders on pharmaceuticals.


  • In the local loop: Loved by readers, Community newspapers are an opportunity for both national and local businesses. We take a look at the categories where readers spend big along with the shops that they frequent.


  • Entertained by the arts, engaged by news media: A look at those who go out to be entertained. Live wires, Bar hoppers and Culture vultures are more likely to be highly engaged, heavy readers of newspapers. This represents extra value for those advertising to these audiences.

Creative benchmarking

  • Building brand affinity: With an assessment of more text-heavy ads, Advance creative benchmarking explores the success of 8 creative executions that have recently appeared as newspaper.


emma™ conducted by Ipsos MediaCT, People 14+ for the 12 months ending April 2017, Nielsen DRM April 2017, People 14+ only



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