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TV and computer shoppers are plugged into news media 

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As the holiday season rolls around, Australians are preparing to make some important spending decisions.  

Computers and televisions are at the top of consumers’ wish lists, with 4.7 million Australians looking to buy a computer in the next 12 months, and 2.6 million wanting to purchase a TV in the same period.  

News media reaches 4.2 million potential computer buyers and 2.3 million prospective television buyers.  


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These impressive numbers reveal the potential of the news media environment for advertisers to build engagement with thousands of potential customers in a high-yield period.  

The holiday season’s value for retailers and brand owners alike is highlighted by impressive turnover potential: December retail sales in 2017 saw a 30 per cent increase in revenue generated compared to other months.  


This means that now is the perfect time for brands and retailers to seize the opportunity to capture this market’s attention.  


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The good news for advertisers is that there is still time to book news media campaigns for Christmas, meaning brands and retailers can ensure their message is reaching shoppers in the period when they are spending their money the most.  

Newspapers and digital news media offer high advertising efficiencies, a chance to stand out from competitors, and are proven vehicles for driving targeted advertising at scale.  


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