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Dissecting the regional reader connection


  • 9 in 10 regional consumers stay informed about local news.
  • One in three read a regional newspaper every day.

Regional Australians have a strong connection with their locality. The longer people live in a community the greater the connection, and four out of five readers have lived in the same area for more than five years.

Consequently an overwhelming majority of readers want to know what’s going on around them.

Newspaper media plays an important role in connecting readers to their community.

Local newspapers are used to stay informed about issues affecting their area, events in their locality and to get practical, relevant information.

Regional Australians’ inherent need to stay connected keeps them coming back to their local newspapers, in print and online.

Seven in ten readers read most issues of their regional newspaper, and one in three look into their newspaper every day.

Being seen in the local newspaper establishes a business as part of the community, giving advertisers a simple way to leverage the strong relationship that readers have with their local newspaper.


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