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Wine and dine with news media advertising

Australia has a strong connection with their local cafes, restaurants, bars and eateries. These are the places where we go to unwind, catch up with friends and swap stories over a drink and a bite to eat.  

According to research by IBISWorld, the restaurants industry has seen growth over the past five years, with busy lifestyles and shifting work-life balance influencing an increase in Australians dining out. Furthermore, Australians are moving towards favouring high-quality food and drink, as well as putting a higher value on dining experiences.  

The restaurant industry, covering licensed, unlicensed and BYO restaurants, employs 179,021 people across an estimated 22,993 businesses, and revenue is expected to grow 2.0% annually over the five years through 2018-19, to $18.8 billion 

Australians are looking for unique, fashionable and memorable nights out. Pubs, bars and nightclubs have seen a significant shift towards demand for premium, higher-priced alcoholic beverages and food.  

And Australian coffee culture continues to drive growth for cafes and coffee shops, an industry worth $10bn and employer of 139,091 people nation-wide. The trends right now include specialty products and premium food offerings: think gluten-free brunches, cold-drip and turmeric lattes.  


Industry Revenue Annual growth 2014-19 Employees # of businesses 
Restaurants $19bn 2.0% 179,021 22,993 
Pubs, Bars and Nightclubs $18bn 0.9% 78,673 6,357 
Cafes and Coffee Shops $10bn 2.2% 139,091 20,375 


Advertising in regional and community news media can help venue owners increase customer numbers.

Consumer data from emma indicates that news media advertising can help cafes, bars and restaurants attract their target customers. 

10.1 million news media readers (aged over 18) will go to a restaurant over the course of a week, and 4. million news media readers have been to a restaurant in the last seven days.   

4.7 million news media readers have been to a hotel or wine bar for a drink in the last month. Compared to non-readers, they’re 25 per cent more likely to have done so.  

News media readers are more likely to be in the top 20 per cent of spenders when it comes to splurging on a night out, and typically spend more on alcohol, too. 

Restaurant advertisers will find news media a compelling platform to reach consumers via their food and wine sections, both in print and online. 3.8 million Australians read the food and wine section of their newspaper. That’s 22 per cent of Australians aged 18+. 


Whether it be online or in print, advertisers looking to reach consumers who enjoy an evening out will find an engaged audience through news media. 



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