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Discover the latest audience insights and evidence you need to prove the effectiveness of advertising in newspapers and on news websites.

Why regional newspapers get shoppers moving

The Newspaper Works recently commissioned Research Now to conduct a study on local newspaper reading in regional and metropolitan Australia. This report presents key findings on why regional newspapers are such an effective media for driving consumers into action.

Tapping into customers

Pubs and restaurants will be hoping for a busy period in the coming weeks with footy season upon us, as well as Easter and ANZAC Day just around the corner. ADRIAN FERNANDES shows how newspaper media advertising can help owners pull a crowd.

Regional newspapers #1 source of information about local businesses.

Regional news media attracts 3.9 million readers each month. Readers are heavily reliant on their local newspaper, making them an extremely valuable audience for advertisers.

Always in fashion

Shopaholic news media readers shop more often and spend more on fashion than non-readers.

Readers invest in health

We are becoming more and more health-conscious, and spend big on healthcare. Newspaper media plays a key role in guiding consumer’s health spending.

Suite returns for hotels from newspaper media

Hotel and accommodation advertisers can lift bookings with newspaper media advertising. ADRIAN FERNANDES uses emma data to demonstrate how.

Combine regionals and TV for rounded campaign

Regional and community newspaper advertising works with TV to optimise reach and to create a more rounded communications campaign. ADRIAN FERNANDES shows how in the latest chapter of ‘Think Local’.

How community newspapers can drive sales

Local area marketing is a popular concept with today’s brand managers – and a great sales weapon. Newspapers have proven time and again how they can help big companies build lasting relationships at the community level.