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Discover the latest audience insights and evidence you need to prove the effectiveness of advertising in newspapers and on news websites.

Wine and dine with news media advertising

News media advertising can help cafes, bars and restaurants attract their target customers. 

News media means business: connecting with high earners in the business and finance sections  

4.6 million Australians read business and finance sections in newspapers each month.

News media readers are flying high

9.8 million airline passengers consume news media. Readers are more likely to fly and more likely to pay for premium services.

News media connects advertisers with 8.4m prospective mobile customers

7.5 million considering changing their mobile handset and 2.7 million looking to switch mobile service provider

News media drives auto advertising success 

News media reaches 96 per cent of Australians looking to buy a new car  

Newspaper advertising reaches 2.7 million Australians by lunchtime

Advertising in news media delivers fast and powerful results for advertisers 

Under-35s are consuming news media, providing opportunities for marketers  

News media reaches 91 per cent of under-35s  

Newspapers engage sports lovers like no other medium 

News media advertising delivers efficiency of scale and reach when targeting sports lovers

TV and computer shoppers are plugged into news media 

News media reaches 4.2 million potential computer buyers and 2.4 million prospective television buyers.  

793K readers intend to buy a new car in the next 12 months

News media delivers excellent efficiencies for the automotive industry in ways other mediums cannot, which is why the industry invested $273 million in advertising, according to Ebiquity’s 2016 Advertisers Report.

News media’s a healthy choice – 4.9 million readers are prospects for health insurance advertisers

Health insurance advertisers are clearly not fully leveraging their opportunity to engage 4.9 million prospects.

ADvance benchmarking: Two ads with the right remedy

With two different newspaper campaigns, Priceline’s clear communication built the brand and drove call-to-action. LANCE CLATWORTHY looks at the success of an ad that promoted a “sale” while another looked to raise funds for a charity.