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Discover the latest audience insights and evidence you need to prove the effectiveness of advertising in newspapers and on news websites.

Get employment advertising working in news media

Making employment advertising standout can be a difficult task, but adding the extra element of news media can cut through the busy and crowded marketplace to stand out and attract the right hire.

Joint regional TV and newspaper campaigns engage more regional consumers

Married at First Sight and The Bachelor franchise may make you believe that anything that matches with television will not work out. But pairing your…

Advertising in news media is betting on a sure thing

While playing the pokies or grabbing a lotto ticket is full of risk, turning to newspapers to advertise punting products is not. News media reaches…

Newspaper brands increase efficiencies? Cheers to that

Drinking responsibly has its rewards. Likewise, spending responsibly in targeted newspaper campaigns can deliver dividends, increasing efficiencies for alcohol advertising by up to 68 per cent.

Prospective car buyers hiding in community pages

Each year, 60 automotive brands with a total of 400 different models compete for 1.2 million car sales. With news media readers considering only 2.8 models from 2.2 brands when making a purchase decision, brands want to be at the forefront of their minds – and community newspapers prove an effective way to do it.

News media readers shopping for added value

Home and garden shoppers know what they want – quality products from quality retailers – and a significant majority of news media readers are prepared to pay a higher price.

Reach shoppers with section specific targeting

Department stores have the ability to reach hugely diverse audiences within news media. The medium attracts an impressive demographic mix of gender, age, socio-economic status, and life stage that, when combined with the appropriate news media sections, has formidable capabilities to target audiences.

Sports pages give advertisers potential to score customers

Autumn not only heralds in the cold, but also the chants of sports fans barracking for their favourite teams. March is full-on, marking the start of the of the AFL and NRL seasons, as A-League soccer begins to wind down.

Inspire travellers through news media brands

Australians love to travel, accounting for 93.7 million domestic overnight trips and 9.1 million domestic outbound trips in 2016-2017, contributing significantly to a tourism industry that is worth $51 billion overall.

Changing perceptions of brands in news media

As the Australian financial sector faces a royal commission into its conduct, news media can be a way for financial brands to reach and engage with customers in trusted environments that can change perceptions.

How news media is key to real estate success

After a bumper few years, the real estate market is beginning to slow. However, buyers are still there, with news media an effective way to reach them.

Why news media puts auto industry into top gear

The automotive industry is one of the biggest spenders in news media as it delivers in ways others cannot, making it one of the most effective medium for advertisers.