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Discover the latest audience insights and evidence you need to prove the effectiveness of advertising in newspapers and on news websites.

Easy lessons to learn

Education is a growth sector but with complex products and diverse potential markets. News media is an ideal marketing channel to deliver detailed information in an engaged reading environment, writes TANYA SHINN.

Think Local Community News Media Study 2016 – Full Report

Over the past few weeks we’ve shared chapters of our community news media study – with key findings on why community newspapers are such an effective media for helping advertisers build brands in Australia. You can now download the full report here.

Readers prefer to stay local

Across a range of categories, readers are likely to shop close to home. Businesses with a presence in the community can reach local shoppers with community news media advertising.

Readers fully engage with community news media

Community news media offers advertisers an environment where readers fully engage with content, including ads.

The heart of the community

Local news media keeps readers connected to their neighbourhood. That’s why readers keep coming back for more.

Drive call-to-action with community news media

Research shows that advertising in local news media gets shoppers moving.

Pitch perfect platform

A number of studies have found engaging media can lift campaign performance across a range of important metrics including ad recall, ad recognition and message comprehension.

Report shows community papers lead the pack

Local newspapers outperform all other media in creating awareness for new products and services.

Think Local Regional News Media Study 2016 – Full Report

Regional news media the number one source of information on local business, the most influential media for shopping and buying decisions and an essential connection to the local community for readers.

Tapping into regional spending power

Research shows regional news media offer advertisers a direct line to an audience with strong spending power.

Regional news media tops for engagement

Readers rate regional news media ahead of other media in building trust and engagement.

Dissecting the regional reader connection

Results from the regional news media study provides an insight into why readers have such a strong relationship with their local newspaper. It keeps them connected to their community.