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Be inspired by the art and science behind effective advertising creative in newspapers and news websites, including our proprietary ADvance benchmarking reports.

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Five things great ads do that bad ads don’t

The more an ad engages with readers, the more likely they are to respond. Here are the five key points of engagement that drive sales.

ADvance benchmarking: Two ads with the right remedy

With two different newspaper campaigns, Priceline’s clear communication built the brand and drove call-to-action. LANCE CLATWORTHY looks at the success of an ad that promoted a “sale” while another looked to raise funds for a charity. 

Spur adventure with cracking creative

Using imagery at its best, two advertisers – the Cook Islands and Traveller.com.au – adopted different ways to brands and drive a call-to-action.

Purpose and Product create best dressed ads

Product led marketing leverages the benefits of the product while Purpose led seeks to build a brand beyond the product benefits. Looking at two fashion brands, LANCE CLATWORTHY shows the success of newspaper ads that employed each of these approaches respectively.

How less can be more

Advertising their NBN services, LANCE CLATWORTHY examines how ads for a Telstra bundle and Internode broadband each compared with benchmarks. The verdict: Telstra succeeded in communicating…

Finding the perfect Mother’s or Father’s Day gift

Keen to extract learnings for upcoming Father’s Day ad campaigns, LANCE CLATWORTHY looks at two print ads that tackled the task of appealing to shoppers seeking…

Brand affinity flying high for newspaper advertisers

Showing how an industry can advertise in newspapers to target different markets and different objectives, LANCE CLATWORTHY examines how ads for Jetstar flights and Qantas Club…

Simple message delivers the word on cruising

Newspaper readers are an especially valuable audience for those advertising cruise holidays. With the tailored nature of the holidays demanding some detail, LANCE CLATWORTHY benchmarks…

Brand-led imagery drives affinity

Advertisements for cars can often struggle to differentiate the brand and attract attention. LANCE CLATWORTHY benchmarks two recent executions that had the same issue but…

Fairfax delivers award winning campaign for SA Tourism

    Enticing content leads consumers on their next adventure Fairfax Media’s award-winning digital content and data marketing campaign for South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC)…

Imagery earns your interest

Ads conveying financial products may be perceived as complex and lacking appeal. Does a financial company need to include a lot of information and what…

Simple and effective communication wins brand affinity

Telecommunication companies have complex services and have sometimes marketed them with complex plans.