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Be inspired by the art and science behind effective advertising creative in newspapers and news websites, including our proprietary ADvance benchmarking reports.

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All-action ads kick goals

Sport is central to the nation’s cultural identity – we play, watch and talk about it endlessly. So, how does this passion translate into audience…

Face value – we like to watch

TANYA SHINN uses focus-group research to discover how ads from TAG Heuer and Breitling gets buyers all wound up.

Ads offer rewarding experience

Insurance brand NRMA and banking giant ANZ promote product features and services that reward customers to stand out from the competition, writes TANYA SHINN. In…

Auto ads super-charged

Brand scores get a boost for Audi and Hyundai in an effectiveness benchmarking study of their recent newspaper advertisements, writes Tanya Shinn.   Introduction The…

Winning a Brand slam

ADRIAN FERNANDES uses the industry’s unique creative benchmarking methodology to show how ads turn the dial up on brand metrics

Ads bear fruit for supermarkets

Few companies produce more effective tactical advertising than supermarkets Coles and Woolworths. We road-test their approach.

Campaign delivers a healthy response

Health insurance ads for ahm and HBF take very different creative approaches. ADRIAN FERNANDES compares the results.

BWS print campaign serves a double

Liquor retailer BWS is enjoying a summer marketing campaign in print that’s made sales sizzle.

The six creative templates you need to know

89% of award winning ads fall into 6 patterns* Research has identified that most ads fit just these creative templates. These templates work because they balance…