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Effective Creative

Be inspired by the art and science behind effective advertising creative in newspapers and news websites, including our proprietary ADvance benchmarking reports.

BWS print campaign serves a double

Liquor retailer BWS is enjoying a summer marketing campaign in print that’s made sales sizzle.

Energy companies add power of print

Two energy companies – Origin and Energy Australia – have used print campaigns with TV to win customers by promising lower bills. They turned on...

Picture perfect results

Apple and LG let photography speak a thousand words in their latest, successful print campaigns, writes ADRIAN FERNANDES

Feast for the eyes

Otway Pork’s print campaign delivers mouth-watering results while Tassal Salmon’s execution had one ingredient too many writes ADRIAN FERNANDES

Better Ads by Design

Insights to help advertisers deliver print ads that work

Ads that reach for the stars

International airline Etihad and premium watchmaker Breitling use Hollywood celebs in their print ads to lift brands scores and stand out from the competition writes...

I say . . . the start of a great ad

The art of conversation is an ideal framework to create great ads. JASON HOWARD reveals how newspapers can create that essential connection.

Ads that catch the eye – and the imagination

Strong, eye-catching images grab attention – that’s the verdict of readers in our latest advertising benchmark survey, writes ADRIAN FERNANDES. This time, we look at...

The six creative templates you need to know

89% of award winning ads fall into 6 patterns* Research has identified that most ads fit just these creative templates. These templates work because they balance...

Get some action

In the second article in our series “Better Ads by Design”, ADRIAN FERNANDES presents five print ads that set shoppers on the path to purchase.

Creating print ads that work

Creativity is core to ad effectiveness, says ADRIAN FERNANDES.

Car brands gear up for EOFY

The end of financial year (EOFY) is one of the busiest periods for car advertisers as they try to hook buyers with low interest on...