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Effective Creative

Be inspired by the art and science behind effective advertising creative in newspapers and news websites, including our proprietary ADvance benchmarking reports.

Get to the (price) point

Powerhouse brands Foxtel and Jetstar showcase low prices in print campaigns to catch the eye of prospects and lift consideration.

Ads fresh off the press

Print ads promoting fresh, locally grown fruit and veg produce outstanding results in this week’s ADvance creative benchmarking case-study.

Coke spends up on print and digital

Coca-Cola South Pacific is set to launch a multimillion-dollar, multiplatform advertising campaign for its new Coca-Cola Life soft drink, which includes a significant purchase of space...

Audi takes the high road with Fairfax Media

Prestige German car maker Audi has teamed up with Fairfax Media to produce a ‘Long Read’ series of articles.

Etihad spreads wings in print with Kidman campaign

Etihad Airways has launched a new global brand campaign this week starring actress Nicole Kidman in a role which has seen her featured in major...

Kicking goals with sponsorship

Sponsorship has become an essential tool for marketers looking to engage with consumers. With the AFL season fast approaching, ADRIAN FERNANDES shows how Volkswagen and...

Top Gear

Prestige car brands, Mercedes-Benz and Lexus show how smart creative can shift units and improve affinity.

Print ads work hard for local retailers

With the right creative, brands can use regional newspapers to attract shoppers to their nearest store and improve brand perceptions at a community level.

NBN makes local connections in print

The Australian National Broadband Network launched a new series of newspaper ads this week to support its local area marketing efforts. The first ads appeared yesterday, prompting...

DJs v Myer: How creative made a difference

Two similar concepts, two contrasting outcomes. David Jones and Myer went head to head for female shoppers in body+soul, a lifestyle section in News Corp...

Navigating troubled waters

Discover how a Tasmanian travel operator arrested falling passenger numbers by showing more faith – not less – in its media partners by turning up...