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Major Reports

Here you’ll find our latest major insights reports to prove the effectiveness of advertising in newspapers and on news websites.

Download the 2019 AdTrust study

NewsMediaWorks has released its latest AdTrust research, revealing insights into consumer trust in media and the ads placed there.

Download the 2018 AdTrust study: ‘The Company You Keep’

Building on our landmark 2017 AdTrust study, ‘The Company You Keep’ reveals the latest findings into consumers’ trust in media.  Covering users’ trust in content and advertising by channel, this 2018 study confirms news media continues to lead the way on trust. Download it below.

Trust falls in social platforms as consumers sharpen media choices

Australians’ trust in social media channels has fallen in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and concerns about data privacy, while trust in newspapers, news websites, radio and television has risen sharply, the second ADTRUST study by Galaxy Research has revealed.

The Works Q1 2018 out now

The latest issue of The Works, the quarterly news media audience report produced by NewsMediaWorks, is out now. This edition focuses on the industry’s ongoing…

AdTrust: young readers driving news media trust

Earlier this month we released ‘The Company You Keep’ – a study by Galaxy Research which explores consumers’ trust in different media.

LANCE CLATWORTHY now takes a closer look at the extent to which ads in each media are trusted across a variety of key demographic segments.

New ‘AdTrust’ Study Reveals Consumer Trust in Content and Ads Across 10 Media Channels

A new Australian study by Galaxy Research into consumer trust in content and advertising across 10 media channels has found a direct correlation between the two, with ads in news media ranked as the most trusted.

The Works Q1 Report out now

The latest issue of The Works, the quarterly news media audience report produced by NewsMediaWorks, is out now. This quarter it features insights into the…

News gets The Works

News Corp Australia chief marketing officer Tony Phillips has named The Works as the company’s primary creative agency for direct marketing. The Sydney-based agency will…

The Works Q2 – Influence

Influencing the influencers is a key benefit when advertising in news media

The Works Q2 – Community

Think local, act local Community news media lifts awareness of new products and services More community news media readers are introduced to new products and…

The Works Q2 – Digital

Some 9.8 million influencers across a range of product categories consume digital news media from the major publishers.

The Works Q2 – Print

Readers pull the purse strings 11.8m can’t be wrong Some 79 per cent of main grocery buyers rea d newspapers – that’s why grocery retailers…