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Major Reports

Here you’ll find our latest major insights reports to prove the effectiveness of advertising in newspapers and on news websites.

The Works Q3 – Community

   Local shop 5:6 readers prefer to shop locally Five out of every six readers of community newspapers support local businesses. Some 80 per cent...

The Works Q3 – Regional

   Super marketing Ads influence grocery buyers Newspapers are a critical information source for finding out great food and beverage deals, according to all emma...

The Works Q3 – Digital

   Ticket to ride 1.7m read on a device while commuting Workers now spend an average of 61 minutes travelling to and from work on...

The Works Q3 – Print

   Total Recall Core readership covers 30-64s age bracket Newspapers continue to contribute the largest portion of the news media audience, delivering news and entertainment...

The Works Q3 – Multiplatform

   Always open Most readers are increasingly combining print & digital consumption to suit their lifestyle. Combined readership across print and digital over a four...

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