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News women’s network expands to largest in Australia

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News Corp Australia’s With Her In Mind Network (WHIMN) has combined several digital brands to create what it says is the largest digital women’s network in Australia.

The network will include the six-month-old site whimn.com.au, parenting site kidspot.com.au and health and beauty site mybodyandsoul.com.au. The venture has already proven a success, reaching 1.95 million unique readers in August.

“We’re six months into our women’s network strategy being live and it has been incredibly successful, which is why it was the right time for all of the sites to come together under WHIMN,” said News Corp Australia’s chief digital officer Nicole Sheffield.

“We’ve officially measured our women’s network audience since August and we are a clear number one. These results are a reflection of both our premium content offering and our cohesive product strategy,” she said.

“We connect digitally with more women at any stage of their day or life, through trusted brands and communities.

“Bringing together our ecosystem of brands just makes sense. It simplifies our commercial offering and enables brands to align themselves with female content where they can more closely connect with their consumers at scale. With a collective trading position WHIMN allows us to be even more competitive.”

Ms Sheffield said the combination of brands created a diverse range of marketing products which would reach a targeted female audience.The network would also offer native advertising through editorial, the social video product suite, podcast, video and targeted sampling.

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