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INFORM: Scott Galloway delivers keynote on the state of commerce  

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This is part of our series of presentation summaries from INFORM19. 


Scott is the Clinical Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern and founder of L2.

He delivered a keynote live from New York about the biggest trends, challenges, and innovations impacting organisations and digital leaders today.   

“The consumer wants less choice, but they want to more confident in the choice they are making”, Galloway told the audience at INFORM.  

The professor also spoke at length about the increasing shift towards social media as part of the marketing funnel. 

“We’re seeing more people go to social to buy something.”  

Other topics included the dominance and behaviours of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google 

“Monopolies are terrible for the economy,” he said. 

Galloway then joined a Q and A session with Mark Ritson (Adjunct Professor of Marketing, Melbourne Business School).  

The two thought leaders agreed that Australia’s relationship with China is a good opportunity in terms of innovation. 

“We need to look towards China more and more, because it is a place of proximity,” said Ritson, while Galloway warned we were entering an era where true innovation was stagnating.  

On the topic of news media, Ritson argued that “When we lose the fourth estate, society suffers as a whole. We suffer from that lack of good and quality journalist.”  

Galloway quipped, “Journalists are the best police force that doesn’t carry guns and badges.”  

“I’d encourage everyone to read their local newspaper,” he said.  



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