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Social/ Search: Facebook to give tips on news literacy

Facebook has introduced a new tool to help users improve their news literacy and identify fake news.

The tool will appear at the top of users’ newsfeeds and redirects them to a series of tips found in Facebook’s help centre. The tips include how to spot false news, such as checking the URL of the site, investigating the source and looking for other reports on the topic.


Facebook Fake News tips
The tips can also be viewed on Facebbok. Photo: Supplied/ Facebook


The social media site also will make it easier to report false articles.

YouTube cuts ads for channels under 10,000 views

Small YouTube channels with less than 10 000 total views will no longer be able to internally monetise their videos with programmatic ads under new changes.

The video sharing site owned by Google says the change is to minimise the amount of copycat accounts. Brand safety would also have been a consideration as the site moves to clean up its image in light of numerous brands pulling advertising after materials appeared next to “extremist content”.

Once a user receives the quota of views, it needs to apply to YouTube’s Partner Program before it can run any ads.

Snapchat to improve ad options for advertisers

Snapchat has introduced two key changes to its advertising options to heighten the platforms appeal to advertisers.

The first is the introduction of app-install ads which will target users who are most likely to download them. Using machine-learning technology created inhouse, users will have the opportunity to swipe up to see full screen video ads.

The feature is similar to that used on Facebook, with app-install advertisements accounting for 17 per cent of the social media site’s total ad revenue in 2015.

Advertisers also will have the opportunity to target particular demographics via Snapchat filters, known as lenses.

Last year, Snapchat made $US404 million in ad revenue which it hopes to boost in coming years.

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