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Social/ Search: FT returns to Apple after 6 years

The Financial Times will soon launch a new mobile app for Apple iOS, the first since the brand left the platform six years ago after disagreements on revenue and data sharing.

The app will be available to existing subscribers in the UK and US, providing an iPhone and iPad option. New subscriptions are not supported in app, with users needing to join via desktop before downloading.

The company hopes the new app will drive user engagement and improve long term revenue.

Cait O’Riordan, chief product and information officer, said: “We know that an engaged reader results in a larger lifetime value. We want to know if a native app can help drive that engagement number.”

Facebook fights fake news with more news

Facebook use

US Facebook users will be greeted with a more information heavy newsfeed as the social media giant introduces clusters of related articles to some of the platform’s more popular articles.

The release follows months of testing by the platform as it attempts to rid itself of fake news and make users more aware of trusted sources.

Facebook recently introduced related articles to potentially incorrect stories as part of its journalism project. The company’s partnership with independent fact checker Snopes.com in March indicates Facebook’s desire to avoid censorship but inform.

In February, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said: “[Facebook] would focus less on banning misinformation, and more on surfacing additional perspectives and information, including that fact checkers dispute an item’s accuracy.”

Human interest stories generate Facebook interactions

Daily Mail Facebook

Human interest stories and breaking news generate higher user engagement on Facebook than other topics, research company NewsWhip has found in its monthly rankings.

Dailymail.co.uk received more interaction on the site than any other news site in the month of June, garnering 27.11 million interactions from 50 844. Second ranked boredpanda.com was close behind with 25.39 million interactions from only 503 posts.

Other brands in the top 10 include HuffPost, Buzzfeed and the BBC.

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