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Social/ Search: NZME joins with Snapchat innovator

NZME has joined with local software company Mish Guru to improve upon its Snapchat offering and allows brands to advertise across the publisher’s various channels.

Mish Guru will offer the publisher a range of previously unavailable analytics, content management, with the added ability of tracking.

NZME general manager of brand engagement Sarah Catran said the partnership would enable more clear and effective advertising campaigns on the medium.

“Not only does the software make it easier for our team to generate Snapchat content, it allows us to provide analysis back to clients and measure success. Knowing what works and what doesn’t when it comes to such an important audience engagement medium is invaluable to not only our own brands, but to our clients as well.”

The publisher will be the first multichannel brand to partner with Mish Guru. Snapchat Discover is currently unavailable to media publishers in the country due to the smaller user base of 448,000 New Zealanders.

Facebook’s algorithm to favour faster web pages

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook

In the coming months, Facebook will roll out new software which will identify slow-loading web pages and deprioritise them in the mobile news feed.

The new update will take into account the user’s current internet connection, page load time and the type of device they are using. A slower connection will see fewer videos and links appear before the user.

Facebook said in a post [link] that the change will have a minimal impact on referral traffic.

Current research shows that users do not like waiting for content. If a web page takes three seconds or longer to use, 40 per cent of users will abandon the page.

Google tests auto play videos in search results


Google has started roll-out testing of auto play video within search results, according to The SEM Post.

When users search for some movies, trailers will begin to autoplay with no sound in the right sidebar. No advertisements have appeared with the content.

A Google spokesperson confirmed the new approach: “We are constantly experimenting with ways to improve the Search experience.

The search engine announced in June it would be building an ad blocker in its Chrome web browser that would stop auto playing ads from using sound.

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