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Social/search: BBC to challenge FB, YouTube in live video

BBC is staking a higher claim to the live video market as the public service publisher puts a higher emphasis on the medium in its News app.

The aim is to rival Facebook and YouTube live which has a large a claim to the youth market.

“The power of live and video is critical in driving engagement and usage,” the BBC said.

“We will prioritise live video programming within the News app.

“Live video functionality on third-party platforms like Facebook and YouTube continues to lead the market – we need to offer our own natively mobile live content on our platforms as well as using social platforms to reach out to targeted audiences, including women and the young and show them that we are relevant to their lives.”

The BBC is also helping Facebook expand its Reality Check fact-checking service to help reduce the amount of “fake news” on the social network.

Unique millennials prefer custom ad content


New research from Time Inc has shown that 90 per cent of millennials prefer custom content for brand engagement.

Of the 17 000 Gen X, Y, and Z’s surveyed, 89 per cent of millennials believed that custom content broke through the marketing clutter.

Gen Z challenged brands to be more creative with their marketing, with 93 per cent wanting to see marketers do something new. The group was also open to more video and infographic content, with 72 per cent believing it would improve storytelling and data exploration.

Snapchat expands Discover feature in France


Snapchat has expanded its news service Discover to four new publications in France, bring the total number to 12.

The new additions – Vogue, MTV, L’Express and Society – have entered the platform with a publishing agreement, identifying particular days of the week they will publish content. The eight other publishers on the platform post daily.

Snapchat Discover launched in France in September 2016. The country has more than 8 million users, with 75 per cent over 18.

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