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Social/search: Facebook takes out anti-fake news ads

Facebook has started advertising news media tips in the UK press to raise awareness of fake news in the lead up to the British general election on June 8.

The ads, which have already been ran in The Times, The Guardian and Daily Telegraph, include 10 tips for readers to use when online. These include checking publication website and dates and whether the article is intended as satire.

Fake news tips facebook
The tips can also be viewed on Facebook. Photo: Supplied/ Facebook

Facebook is feeling the pressure from both politicians and the press following the widespread instances of fake or misleading news in the lead-up to Brexit and the US election.

Vice keeps eyes on ads longer in redesign

Vice has improved the amount of time that users view ads through a redesign of its ad delivery.

Through removing intrusive advertising like overlays and large banners, the news site saw advertising viewership double. After the redesign, the company found that for every 1000 impressions, readers viewed 275 minutes of ads, an improvement of 174 minutes.

The company hopes that these statistics will improve with the introduction of new vertices, allowing it to further target ads.

Snap reports first quarter loss of $2.22b

Snap founder and CEO Evan Spiegel remained laughed off the Q1 results. Photo: WikiCommons
Snap founder and CEO Evan Spiegel remained laughed off the Q1 results. Photo: WikiCommons

Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, has reported a loss of $US2.21 billion in its first revenue report as a public entity.

The loss has been attributed to slow user growth and competing social media platform Facebook mimicking Snapchat’s key features.

Another cause of concern is Snapchat’s limited advertising options. Earlier this month, the platform introduced a new self-serve ad platform, which will be rolled out in large markets, including Australia in June. The new software will allow a more centralised way to track ads in vertical video, app install and in app webpage slots.

Snap made its IPO debut on March 2 to a strong performance. It is now sitting just above its IPO listed price.

Following the announcement, the company’s stock performance plummeted 21 per cent.

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