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Social/Search: Snapchat gets a redesign

Snapchat will be revamped as parent company Snap Inc attempts to reach a broader audience.

The decision to launch a redesign of the app comes after the company experienced another quarter of slowing user growth, reporting well below Wall Street expectations.

In a conference call to Snap investors, CEO Evan Spiegel confirmed his plans to create an easier-to-use Snapchat.

“One thing we have heard over the years is that Snapchat is difficult to understand or hard to use, and our team has been working on responding to this feedback.”

Snapchat received 178 million daily active users, up from 173 million in the previous quarter. However, analysts were expecting 181.8 million.

Twitter’s character limit doubles

Twitter has given users the ability to create tweets with 280 characters, ending its iconic 140-character limit, after a two month trial.

The social media platform divided users back in September after announcing the trial of the doubled character limit through selected users.

Twitter rolled out the new character count on Tuesday, however the original limit remains for users who tweet in Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

The limit extension was aimed at promoting user growth, as the company found users ended up spending more time editing or discarding tweets because of the limit.

Google updates Knowledge Panels feature for publishers

Google has announced new efforts to tackle inaccurate and fake news within its Knowledge Panels feature.

Publisher Knowledge Panels on Google will notify users what topics the publication often cover, major awards it has won and claims the publisher has made, reviewed by third parties.

The added labelling and fact checking is aimed at promoting the publisher’s credibility.

In a blog post, Google stated: “These additions provide key pieces of information to help you understand the tone, expertise and history of the publisher … This access to relevant and additional context can help you learn more about different sources and which you’d like to read.”

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