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Sports tipping competitions in Victoria

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A footy (sports) tipping competition does not require approval from Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor regulation if it only involves an element of chance (unlike a lottery or raffle which involve entirely chance) with some level of skill and knowledge to select a winning team.

A sports tipping competition that involves an element of chance can only be conducted where:

  • all of the money that has been collected is returned as prizes
  • the total value of prizes distributed is not more than $5000.

This means that the organiser of the tipping competition cannot take money out of the prize pool as expenses.

A sports tipping competition requires approval when:

  • the method of entry or of selecting a winner for the competition involves an element of chance at any stage in the competition. For example, if there is more than one person with the same number of points, a draw is used to determine the winner.

A sports tipping competition is considered illegal when:

  • the competition involves betting – this does not include a set fee or cost to enter the competition. Betting would make the competition illegal if offered in Victoria unless a licenced wagering or sports betting operator such as Tabcorp conducted it.

Prize money

The value of the prizes can be determined by whoever is running the competition.  Information about prizes as well as entry fee to the competition should be clearly explained to participants before they choose to enter.

Where the tipping competition is conducted as a trade promotion lottery, the trade or business running the lottery must provide the prizes.

How to determine a winner

The most common method is to award prizes to the three entrants who have selected the most winners over the season. Weekly prizes can be also be awarded for tipping all winners in the round.

Entry fee

If the competition is based on skill and knowledge, then it is up to the person running the competition to set the entry fee. Information about the entry fee should be clearly explained in the rules.

Workplace footy tipping competitions

There are no set guidelines for how a workplace tipping competition should be conducted, and it is up to the person organising the competition to develop their own rules.

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