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Square in Vogue with premium advertisers

News Corp Australia fashion magazine Vogue Australia has moved to a sleek square design to create a collectable art book appeal for readers and a more premium advertising environment.

The new design features extensive changes which extend past formatting. A greater emphasis has been put on editorial, including the inclusion of long form pieces, while shopping pages have been replaced with curated product guides from editors. The changes are to give Vogue Australia a premium, collectible art book feel.

The NewsLifeMedia title was one of the launch titles of the News Prestige Network.

Nick Smith, News Corp Australia’s Prestige & Lifestyle Director, said readers would feel a “tangible difference in the magazine”.

“We have actually invested more in the print version of the magazine to make it more prestige,” Mr Smith said.

The redesign of the magazine reaffirms the company’s commitment to premium print products.

Vogue Australia editor-in-chief Edwina McCann said the September issue is always an opportunity for the magazine.

“Each year, the September issue of Vogue is a very special one as the team curates the best of the new season ahead. This September issue is particularly special as we present a reimagined Vogue experience. We have treated each page like a work of art, featuring original and inspiring pictures or collaged imagery cleverly created by our art department,” she said.

Advertisers were informed of the changes to the formating six months before the launch, providing ample time to adapt to the new shape.

Mr Smith said there was little push back from advertisers, with most appreciative of the investment in the product.

The 322-page magazine September issue of Vogue Australia features supermodels Bella Hadid and Jordan Barrett on the cover and contains photography from renowned art photographer Jackie Nickerson.

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