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Stay true to concept, says top marketer

FLEXIBILITY is the key to a great advertising campaign, but staying true to the original concept and intent can be difficult, according to the 2015 PANPA Marketer of the Year Alice Bradbury.

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Alice Bradbury - Marketer

Entries for 2016 PANPA Ad & Marketing Awards close 10 June. Enter here: newsmediaworks.com.au/amawards  

The general manager of marketing at The Australian believes one of the challenges of advertising across different channels is developing an idea from creative concept, and taking it through to an integrated campaign.

“You want to come out the other end of the campaign feeling proud of a body of work that hangs together and clearly communicates your creative idea across channels,” she says.

Ms Bradbury advises marketers to take a different approach to ads on different platforms. “I think that in print you need to ensure your ad is impactful and visually stunning,” she says.

“In digital, it must be engaging, perhaps disruptive, but never annoying. You want someone to click on your ad for more information, not be frustrated and block their content or, worse still, miss it all together.”

The print ad format is a favourite of Ms Bradbury’s. “I especially love the print format – it’s so impactful. Especially those big double-page-spreads, cover wraps and special shapes,” she says.

“There is so much you can do in print, and it’s great to see many of the paper’s advertising clients working with us on innovative ways to get their brand message across so successfully.”

Ms Bradbury worked on The Australian’s 50th birthday campaign in 2014, which won her team the PANPA Consumer Campaign of the Year.

The campaign had both a print and digital component, and ran across editorial, consumer marketing, and trade. It also had a community outreach component, including social engagement.

“It all culminated in the event of 2014 – our gala dinner with a who’s who of Australian media, politics, sport, and education hosted by Rupert Murdoch and then Prime Minister Tony Abbott,” she says.

“It was such a great campaign to work on as it touched all aspects of the paper. And the subject- matter was fascinating. We got to explore the paper’s archives and re-surface 50 incredible
years of coverage of the news that shaped our nation in the 20th and 21st centuries.”

Ms Bradbury started her role at The Australian in December, 2013. As general manager of marketing, she oversees the team that delivers on the retail, subscription, and brand needs of The Australian.

She has been responsible for the launch of a new app version of the paper, the rebranding of the Life section, and the launch of The Australian Business Review, amongst other projects.

At the 2015 PANPA Advertising and Marketing awards, Bradbury was awarded the Marketer of the Year award.

“It really was such an honour, and a real team effort, to be recognised by the industry body, and such an esteemed judging panel,” she says.

“As I said on the night, moving to The Australian, the nation’s agenda setting newspaper, really was the best career decision I’ve made yet. I love working with such a dedicated editorial team, and creative and commercial marketing team – and I couldn’t achieve [what I have] without my first-class marketing team.”

Ms Bradbury got her start in marketing in London, where she worked for several years as a junior in ad agencies. She has worked on major consumer campaigns for Coca-Cola, Unilever, Fiat, and Uniqlo.

“It was there I got the taste for delivering engaging creative, and understanding the strategic thinking needed to deliver on a consumer insight and a business need,” she says.

She has always worked in marketing, but has moved across the different disciplines of advertising, brand, PR, and communications.

In a changing media landscape, with a proliferation of content from a variety of new, emerging and traditional sources, one of the challenges of her role is growing print and digital subscriptions.

“Not all content is created equal – so our marketing campaigns play a role in educating consumers of the unique benefits of a subscription to The Australian,” she says. “Our total paid base continues to grow, and we continue to communicate the benefits of paying for market-leading content from Australia’s leading newspaper.”

Ms Bradbury has come across a lot of great ads this year, but the hallmarks of a great ad are simple. “A great ad strikes an emotional chord, is engaging, memorable – and is uniquely yours,” she says.

This article was originally published in The Bulletin

Entries for 2016 PANPA Ad & Marketing Awards close 10 June. Enter here: newsmediaworks.com.au/amawards  

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