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Stuff names new national correspondent team

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Fairfax Media’s New Zealand news site Stuff has welcomed six journalists into the newly created national correspondent team, tasking them with producing agenda-setting journalism on a national scale.

The six person team – which is comprised of four women and two men – will have a diverse beat but will focus on the priority areas of health, the environment and climate change, social issues, Māori affairs, sport, and the impact of technological changes on our way of life.

The team will act similarly to the investigatory team Stuff Circuit, allowing them more time to investigate specific topics more deeply.

The new team includes NZ Herald sports reporter Dana Johannsen, former Native Affairs producer Carmen Parahi and freelancer Michelle Duff.

Charlie Mitchell and Katie Kenny have been promoted from their current Stuff roles, while Steve Kilgallon is trading a newsroom leadership role to get back on the road.

Stuff editor Patrick Crewdson said: “We’re excited about the wide range of creative ideas these journalists have already pitched and the opportunity to realise them through Stuff’s full multimedia suite.”

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