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Guidelines for online reviews and endorsements

“Compliance…will build consumer confidence in online reviews, and help review platforms, traders and digital influencers avoid regulatory action.”

Puppy dog eyes will get you

Scamwatch is warning people to watch out for scammers setting up fake ads pretending to sell adorable puppies

Advertising the sale of cryptocurrency

Being a digital currency exchange provider means you are running a business that exchanges digital currency with money or vice versa. This can include individuals.

New advertising guidelines for federal election advertising and political matter

From 15 March 2018, the authorisation requirement in Part XXA of the Electoral Act applies to a wide range of communications containing ‘electoral matter’ including all publicly communicated material.

Advertising Complaints Handling

It is the ethical and social responsibility of us all to advocate and reflect prevailing community standards.

What you need to know… Recall Advertisements for Therapeutic Goods

A product recall is taken to protect the health and safety of consumers from therapeutic goods.

Upcoming festive alcohol advertising and promotions

Information for licensed premises planning to conduct alcohol promotions

Advertising by refrigeration & air conditioning services tradies

It is mandatory requirement for Refrigerant Trading Authorisation holders to display their licence number in any advertising material.

Taking and using photographs for commercial purposes

From beaches to bronzed bodies, there are various copyright and other restrictions on the use of photographic images for commercial purposes.

Warning about buying weight loss products online

Australia’s medicines regulator, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has warned of the dangers of buying weight loss medicines online, particularly from unknown overseas websites.

What you need to know… Advertising and Local Elections

What you need to know about advertising requirements for your local candidates.

Health professionals about their advertising: Regulations

The advertising restrictions in the National Law, including the prohibition on using testimonials, apply to anyone advertising a regulated health service (a service provided by a health practitioner).