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What is metadata? What is personal data?

Metadata is essential for any person (or computer program) that needs to find and organise information.

ACCC Preliminary report submissions: selected extracts and key points  

The inquiry has considered a range of issues related to the digital landscape

Should news media subscriptions be tax-deductible?  

Working towards a sustainable future for the production of news media  

Ok Google, tell me the news: The future of voice and news media  

How will the growth of voice and audio impact the news media industry?  

Britain follows Australia’s lead in digital platforms scrutiny 

The British government has announced that it will probe the impact of Google and Facebook on the media 

Nine, NewsCorp and Seven West on the ACCC preliminary report into digital platforms  

“The report highlights the impact the digital platforms have as unavoidable business partners and gateways between news media businesses and both consumers and advertisers”

The ACCC releases preliminary report on digital platforms

ACCC goes hard on Facebook and Google, raises concerns about the impact on news media consumers in Australia.

Hard-hitting, trusted news still sells, in digital and print

Traditional news media is alive and well, says The Australian’s CHRIS MITCHELL, but the free ride for digital tech giants must come to an end.

Google head appointed Domain CEO

Google ANZ managing director Jason Pellegrino has been appointed chief executive and managing director of real estate listings company Domain.

Ad start-up wins injunction against Google

Australian mobile advertising start-up Unlockd has had an early win in its fight against Google’s threat to its survival. Google’s attempt to remove the Unlockd...

Tech giants targeted on tax

Treasurer Scott Morrison revealed new regulations in the federal budget on Tuesday to crack down on multinational digital and tech companies known to pay minimal...

Google to assist publishers with digital subscriptions

Google has announced the launch of a new tool called Subscribe as part of its company-wide effort to support journalism and grow publishers’ revenue –...