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NSW Chiropractor fined $29,500 for advertising breaches

A New South Wales chiropractor has been convicted of false advertising after he claimed to be able to prevent, treat and cure cancer in his advertising.

Bosisto’s pay $10,800 penalty for allegedly false or misleading tea tree oil claims

The supplier of Bosisto’s tea tree oil, Felton Grimwade & Bosisto’s Pty Ltd (Bosisto’s), has paid a penalty of $10,800 following the issue of an infringement notice by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Chemmart agrees to improve its promotion of “myDNA” tests

The ACCC has accepted an administrative undertaking on behalf of Chemmart in relation to representations regarding the effectiveness of a myDNA genetic test in identifying an individual’s response to certain drugs.

ACCC takes action against e-cigarette “no toxic chemicals” claims

The ACCC has commenced proceedings in the Federal Court against The Joystick Company Pty Ltd (Joystick), an online e-cigarette retailer, for alleged false or misleading representations that its products did not contain any toxins or formaldehyde, were “independent from” chemicals found in conventional cigarettes, and had been approved by the ACCC.

Warning about buying weight loss products online

Australia’s medicines regulator, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has warned of the dangers of buying weight loss medicines online, particularly from unknown overseas websites.

Restrictions on advertising infant formula agreement re-authorised by the ACCC

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has re-authorised an agreement between manufacturers and importers of infant formula that prohibits them from advertising and promoting formula for babies under 12 months of age directly to the public.

Full Court upholds unconscionable conduct finding against Advanced Medical Institute

The Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia has dismissed an appeal against the decision of Justice North that Advanced Medical Institute had engaged in unconscionable conduct through its business promoting services and medications for men suffering from sexual dysfunction.

ACCC takes action against e-cigarette suppliers for alleged misleading “no toxic chemicals” claims

The ACCC alleges that the two companies, Social-Lites and Elusion New Zealand Limited, breached the Australian Consumer Law by making representations that the e-cigarette products being sold did not contain carcinogens or toxic chemicals, and did not contain any of the chemicals found in conventional cigarettes.

Facelift for bodyandsoul.com.au

NewsLifeMedia has revamped health and wellness brand bodyandsoul.com.au with a redesigned homepage, mobile site and improved navigation. A revised suite of sophisticated commercial products that…

Health professionals about their advertising: Regulations

The advertising restrictions in the National Law, including the prohibition on using testimonials, apply to anyone advertising a regulated health service (a service provided by a health practitioner).

Advertisements for weight loss products promising ‘guaranteed results’

Losing weight can be difficult. Weight loss products that promise quick and easy results may seem like an attractive option, but buying unregulated products can cause serious risk to your health, lose your money and possibly break the law.

Using Government organisations to endorse therapeutic goods

In Australia, there are certain rules about how therapeutic goods can be advertised to the general public. These restrictions are in place to protect the health and safety of consumers.